Gurus is the new brand by Guglielmo Cicognani, the famous Italian Engineer who has been designing Cicognani Branded guitar and bass amplifiers for over 25 years. We created a team of young, talented guys for each stage of the project, from Design to marketing, management, R&D, customer care. Our Amps, pedals, and innovative devices, are all handmade in Italy using the best technology, components, design and craftsmanship. We focus our attention on innovation, ever proposing new ideas, in-keeping with today’s musicians, aspiring to fulfil their needs by working closely with them..


In 2012, Guglielmo and Chicco began a new project: to sell a boutique series of products around the world, designed and totally handmade in Italy at a reasonable price, selling directly to retail outlets removing middleman costs and investing the saving on promotion and marketing to aid the brands success. The highlights of th Gurus project are both in technical and marketing areas, creating a new way to approach a market that is evolving and going through epic changes. Gurus Amps are focused on creating innovative products by evolving our technology and discovering what musicians really need. We go beyond what the market has to offer, working closely with musicians at all playing levels…taking their concept of perfect sound and delivering an amp that exceeds their expectations in design and performance


Art and technology go arm in arm… (Leonardo DaVinci) Inspired by the famous maxim of the Italian genius, we at Gurus Amps take a “no compromise” philosophy in the creation of our products. We use the best materials and technology available to make amps that are superior in functionality and design, taking special care from concept to completion and delivering the best amplifiers available.

Like the icons in Italian design from the world of racing, we craft our amps to deliver powerful performance with custom sound inside a sexy design… exactly what a musician wants. We were the first in the world to offer big-amp sound in a fully programmable, low watt – analog tube - mini-head amp, taking advantage of the purity in class A technology at a time when our competitors believed in big warheads of great power. Continuing in the direction of innovation, we created iChannel – a groundbreaking technology that provides the best possible interface to connect to your favorite external devices… smartphones, tablets, PC’s and multi-effect pedals. Gurus Amps is not just a brand…

It’s a vision realized by combining the skills and passions of expert engineers and modern designers inspired by centuries of the quality craftsmanship and artistic innovation Italy is known for.

We believe we can’t think about the future without remembering our past.

All of this is Gurus Amps.



Born in late 2005, The Cicognani Imperium Series, was first all analog, fully programmable tube amplifier. It is midi manageable, able to storing all preamp parameters like gain, treble, mid, bass, presence, volume, and all external effects connected to its loops as well. With a single midi pedalboard you’re able to store up to 127 different tones!

Born in late 2007, Cicognani imperium Luxury series, was the evolution of the imperium, where it’s design and easy-to-use went beyond the limits. An analog tube amplifier, fully programmable with a single Control Knob!.. 8 factory editable sounds, 127 storable, 4 fx loops, all midi manageable.

Born in late 2012, The Gurus Naked was first amp in the world designed to be used with external digital devices, like smartphones, tablets, pc’s, and pedalboard, etc thanks to its innovative iChannel® This enable you to use your instrument with any external digital device, giving the opportunity to use your favourte sounds and patches from the best emulation software apps like Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro XT, Bias, and others, on stage, at rehearsal, at home practicing or recording.