Motorhead’s Phil Campbell

Custom edition

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Gurus TRITONE50 Custom Edition Motorhead’s Phil Campbell

Tritone Head is a powerful 50W multichannel versatile amp for any live application.

  • Double Power Configuration Class operating at 30W Class A or 50W Class Ab1

for better performances at any volume.

  • 2x EL34B (Gurus)
  • 5x 12AX7B (Gurus)
  • FX Loop Serial/Parallel (with Hi/lo Z)
  • Remote control for Analog switching systems
  • Remote Midi control with phantom power

  • 3 separate Channels with 2 voicing each
  • Ch1 Clean
  • Ch2 Brighted Clean
  • Ch3 Sexy
  • Ch4 Crunch
  • Ch5 Lead1
  • Ch6 Lead2
  • Two separate EQ for clean and dirty channels
  • Master volume & Presence
  • All channels can be recalled by midi or analog switching systems.


Thanks to its innovative configuration, you can switch from A Class to Ab1 Class to obtain beautiful, organic sound at any volume. Ch1 Clean is derivative from our awarded 5015 Clean amp, and it is equipped by a dedicated Sexytone™ EQ control for better settings of Clean tone.

Just touching two times the channel’s switch you can engage the second voicing of each Channel.

iChannel™ input let you connect your Tritone to external digital devices like smartphone or laptop running amp and fx software emulations without using any interface; or transform your Tritone in a monster Reamping machine for your recording session, even coupled with external emulators, profilers, fx units etc..

The Tritone Custom Edition Motorhead’s Phil Campbell comes in a gorgeous white Aircraft Aluminum Chassis and is Equipped of EL34 to reach his legendary tone, adding features to obtain more versatility and a big tone at any volume level.

File name
TRITONE cabinet connections.pdf
TRITONE block schematic amp.pdf
TRITONE specifications.pdf
Tritone User's manual 2016.pdf
MAIN INPUT 117/230V - 50/60Hz
MAIN FUSE T3,15A(slo blo) for 117V or T2A (slo blo) for 230V
internal HT fuse T1A
2x EL34B Gurus
OUTPUT POWER 30/50W @4/8/16 Ohm
Amp Class Push-Pull A Class
Push-Pull Ab1 Class
Instrument Input Max 250mV - Z <1M Ohm
iChannel Input Max 250mV - Z <1M Ohm
Channels: Clean Ch1 max 12db Gain
Bright Clean Ch2 max 14db Gain
Sexy Ch3 max 42db Gain
Crunch Ch4 max 68db Gain
Lead1 Ch5 max 120db Gain
Lead2 Ch6 max 160db Gain
Sexytone High pass Filter from 1500 Hz onwards
Tone Stack Bass 110Hz.
Middle 780Hz.
Treble 2300Hz.
Presence High pass filter from 4000Hz onwards
Send Level Max 1 Vpp Out (Hi mode) Z Out <100KOhm
Max 0,5Vpp Out (Lo mode) Z Out < 10KOhm
Return Level Max 1,5Vpp IN Z In <100KOhm
Midi Settings Omnimode Out
Midi Funtcions Channel 1 to 6
Preset Store
Midi Phantom Power 9VDC out Max 500mA
Dimensions: 540x240x200mm.
Weight: 14,6Kgs.

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